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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Unit 2 Manusia Bernafas/ Humans Breathe ( Update blog )

Humans Breathe/ Manusia bernafas
( Dalam unit 2, Murid Tahun 4 akan belajar mengenai cara/ proses pernafasan manusia)

In unit 1, we learnt that humans need air to breathe.  In unit 2, We learn about humans breathe.When we breathe, we inhale ( take in ) and exhale ( let out ) air. How can we tell ? Our chest moves up and down. The number of chest movement is the rate of  breathing.      
As we inhale, the chest rises outwards and upwards causing the chest to expand. The air is taken in through the nose, down the windpipe into the lungs. this air contains more oxygen.
As we exhale, the chest moves in causing the chest to contract. The air inside the lungs then flows out from the lung to the windpipe and then out through the nose.

Proses pernafasan manusia adalah seperti berikut:

Hidung - saluran udara - peparu

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