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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Theme of Science Year 4/ Tema Sains Tahun 4( Update)

Here is the theme and topic in year 4 Science / 
Tema Sains Tahun 4

( Bagi mata pelajaran Sains Tahun 4 , terdapat 7 tema )
1. Investigating living things:- Basic Needs/ Benda Hidup Mempunyai Kehidupan Asas
2. Investigating living things:- Life Processes/ Hidupan Mengalami Proses Hidup
3. Investigating living things: -Protection/ Haiwan dan Tumbuhan Melindungi Diri
4. Investigating Force and Energy: Measurements/ Ukuran
5. Investigating Materials: Materials/ Sifat-sifat Bahan
6. Investigating The Earth and The Universe: The Solar System/ Isitem Suria
7. Investigating Technology: Technology Around Us/ Teknologi

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