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Monday, 24 October 2011

Technology Around Us

Technology is important in everyday life. Imagine life without technology.
Look at some examples of technology shown in the video clip.

Human are able to overcome their limitations. Devices are used to overcome the limitations and problems faced by humans.
  Examples :  Unable to see the fine details of an object.
                   - telescope,microscope, magnifying glass, 

                   Unable to speak loud enough to someone to hear
                    - megaphone, microphone, telephone
                   Unable to walk long distances.
                    - aeroplane, train, car, bus, taxi

Technology in Communication

  Telegraph and devices such as the telephone allow humans to
     communicate with each other in far away places.
  Today, these devices are known as telecommunication technology.
     Examples : computer, satellite, teleconferencing, handphone,
                     fax machine 

Technology In Transportation

    Besides land transport, humans also develope better and faster  
        water and air transport. These devices shorten the 
        travelling time.

Technology In Construction
   A long time ago, humans lived in caves and built houses from
       clay and parts of plants. However, these shelters were not
       safe. They were nit strong and were easily destroyed.
  Today, most houses are built using bricks, concrete,
       and steel. These materials are stronger.
  Humans are now able to build bigger and taller buildings.
       examples : terrace houses, bungalow, apartments,

Technology is invented to solve problems in our daily life.
Technology can benefit mankind if used wisely.

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  1. Dalam tema: Menyiasat Dunia Teknologi.
    Unit 7: Teknologi.

    Murid-murid dapat memahami pencapaian teknologi dalam dunia teknologi.

    Bidang teknologi boleh dibahagikan kepada:
    1. Pertanian
    2. Pengangkutan
    3. Pembinaan
    4. Komunikasi