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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Our Solar System
1 . The Sun and the nine planets are part of the Solar System. 
2.  The nine planets are :
                          Mercury , Venus ,  Earth ,  Mars , 
                         Jupiter ,  Saturn , Uranus , Neptune & Pluto

3.  The Sun is in the centre of the Solar System. 
4.  All the nine planets move around the Sun in a large oval path.
5.  The planets also spin by itself.
6.  Planets Pluto moves around The Sun on a different plane.
  - Its path is different from other  planets.
7.  The Earth take one year to go round the Sun.
8.  Jupiter is the largest planet in Solar System. 
  - It is so big that all the planets could fit inside it.
9.  Saturn has three wide rings. They can be seen with a telescope.
10. Uranus unlike the planets, is lying its side as it goes round the Sun.
11. Neptune is covered with a blue ocean of liquid methane.
12. The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
     - They are made of gasses.
     - Their temperature is too cold to support life.
13. The position of Earth from the Sun is just right for it to receive enough 
      heat to support life. It has water and air too. These are to support 
      life. The other planets either receive too little or too much heat.
      They also do not have a suitable atmosphere for living things to

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tema: Menyiasat Alam Kehidupan ( Update 23/12/11)

 Unit 2 :  Benda Hidup Mengalami Proses Hidup

Theme of Science Year 4/ Tema Sains Tahun 4( Update)

Here is the theme and topic in year 4 Science / 
Tema Sains Tahun 4

( Bagi mata pelajaran Sains Tahun 4 , terdapat 7 tema )
1. Investigating living things:- Basic Needs/ Benda Hidup Mempunyai Kehidupan Asas
2. Investigating living things:- Life Processes/ Hidupan Mengalami Proses Hidup
3. Investigating living things: -Protection/ Haiwan dan Tumbuhan Melindungi Diri
4. Investigating Force and Energy: Measurements/ Ukuran
5. Investigating Materials: Materials/ Sifat-sifat Bahan
6. Investigating The Earth and The Universe: The Solar System/ Isitem Suria
7. Investigating Technology: Technology Around Us/ Teknologi

Animal grouping

Animal can be divided into 2 main groups that is :

1.  Animal with the back bone bones :-
     example : mammal
2.  Animal without the back bones :-
      example : crab

Planet/ Planets ( Update 23-12-2011 )

Senarai  Planet  Dalam  Sistem  Suria         23-12-2011

Utarid, Zuhrah, Bumi, Marikh, Musytari, Zuhal, Uranus, Neptune

Unit 6 :Sistem Suria

solar system

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sistem Suria

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Tema : Menyiasat Bumi dan Alam Semesta

Unit 6: Sistem Suria

Susunan Planet : Utarid, Zuhrah, Bumi, Marikh, Musytari, Zuhal, Uranus & Neptun