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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Halley Comet ( Update 23/12/2011)

1.Hello Halley's Comet. ( the boy is 10 years old)           2. Hello again, Halley's Comet. ( the boy become an old man ,62 years old)        3. Halley Comet come  back to earth but the old man already not there.

Haley Comet founded  by Edmond  Halley at year 1531. It come to earth about 75 to 76 years. In year 1986 Halley Comet come back to earth again. It will come back at year 2062.

Tema : Menyiasat Bumi dan Alam Semesta

Unit 6 : Sistem Suria (Update 23/12/2011)

Komet- berada dalam sistem suria


 Comets are also known to break up unto fragments, as happened with Comet 73P/ Schwassmann-Wachmann3 starting in 1995. This breakup may be triggered by tidal gravitational forces from the Sun or a large planet,by an" explosion" of volatile material, or for other reasons not fully explained.